‘Talking With Kids About COVID-19’ (90 minute recorded webinar) FREE to watch


Talking With Kids About COVID-19

  • 90 min. recorded webinar and Q&A with Andrea Warnick, Nicola Elbro, Lisa Robinson & Dr. Susan Woolhouse
  • FREE to watch anytime by following this link to the recording

In these uncertain and anxious times, you may be consuming a ton of information related to COVID-19 and its impact on your city, our country, and the world at large. You may be wondering how to discuss these current events with the children in your life, or how best to answer their questions. This free webinar and Q&A will be presented by children’s grief therapists Andrea Warnick, Lisa Robinson and Nicola Elbro, as well as Dr. Susan Woolhouse. It is designed for any adult who is navigating conversations about COVID–19 with children and youth: parents and other relatives, educators, medical professionals, child life specialists, counsellors etc.