Education, Training & Consulting

Andrea Warnick’s expert consultancy covers a wide range of topics related to supporting grieving children and families and communities. Although exploring issues related to dying, death and grief can be challenging for even the most seasoned professional, Andrea’s warm and dynamic presentation style helps individuals and audiences of all sizes to engage in meaningful discussion, education, and advocacy.


Andrea offers a variety of classes, seminars, and workshops on a fee-basis. Offerings range from one-hour seminars and webinars to multiple day workshops and retreats.

All education and training can be customized to suit organizational needs.

Please contact Andrea to discuss your needs and/or for information about fees.

Common topics of Andrea’s sessions include (but are not limited to):

  • A “Good Grief” Workshop for Health Care Providers
  • A Web of Grief: Supporting Children’s Grief while Navigating your Own
  • Bearing Witness and Other Strategies for Supporting Grieving Youth
  • Being with Dying
  • Creative Approaches to Supporting Grieving Children
  • Dancing in the Darkness: Fostering Healthy Grief in Self and Others
  • Emerging Trends in the Literature: Bridging the Gap Between Theory and Practice when Supporting Grieving Families
  • Good Grief: Juggling Life’s Joys and Sorrows
  • Helping Families Grieve when Death Shadows their Door
  • Kids Grieve Too: Supporting Children Grieving the Dying or Death of a Family Member
  • “I Don’t Know What to Say”: Providing Support to Someone who is Grieving
  • Navigating Grief when Faced with a Disability
  • Preparing Families for the Death of Someone Close to Them
  • Preparing for Death in the Hospital Setting: Pre & Post
  • Preparing Children for the Death of Someone Close to Them
  • Preparing Children for Funerals, Memorials, and Other Rituals
  • Reclaiming Death: An Introduction to Thanatology
  • Speaking with Children about Difficult World Events
  • Supporting Grieving Children and Youth in the Classroom
  • Supporting Bereaved Parents
  • Supporting Grieving Teens
  • Supporting Children/Youth Grieving the Death of a Family Member or Friend
  • Supporting Children when a Family Member is Seriously Ill
  • Talking with Children about Cancer
  • Talking with Children about Medical Assistance in Dying
  • Threads of Life: Weaving Together Joy and Sorrow
  • We Stressed Dad Out and he Got Cancer: The Role of the Healthcare Provider in Supporting Children when a Parent is Dying
  • When Families Grieve: Learning to Face the Fire with Those we Love
  • When Death Darkens the Door: Grieving in Contemporary Times
  • When Grief gets MORE Complicated



Andrea’s consulting services assist leaders, managers, and decision-makers in all levels of organizations, businesses, and government, in Canada and internationally.

Program development is also available, such as bereavement camp programming of varying duration.

Please contact Andrea to discuss your needs and/or for information about fees.