Media, Publications & Podcast Interviews

Podcast Interviews 

“How Do I Help My Child Through Their Grief” April 2023. Andrea Warnick on The Common Parent podcast.

“Helping Parents of Children with Cancer” January 2023.  Dr. Alicia Sarabia with Andrea Warnick and Cynthia Mulligan on Knowing Your Way: A Podcast for Patients and Families Impacted by Ovarian Cancer

“Supporting Children Coping with Grief and Death” December 2022. Jamie Kreidstein with Andrea Warnick on McGill Institute for School Psychology’s Let’s Talk: Youth Psychology Podcast

“Exploring Inequitable Access to Children’s Grief Support During COVID-19” April 2022. Rami Shami with Andrea Warnick on The Lighthouse Beacon podcast

“Dying, Death, and Resilient Children” January 2022. Sam & Sarah with Andrea Warnick on Wisdom for Wellness: A Mental Health and Wellness Podcast

“Kids Say the Darnedest Things…About Death”  2020. Dr. Lauren Daley with Andrea Warnick on Talk Dying to Me Podcast

“Child Grief” October 2019. Andrea Warnick on On Grief: A Podcast About Death

“Beyond Condolences: Supporting our Grieving Friends” May 2019. Dr. Andrea Wojnicki with Andrea Warnick on Talk about Talk Podcast

“Understanding Children’s Grief” January 2019.  Andrea Warnick on About Empathy: A HealthCARE Podcast

“Supporting Children When a Loved One is Dying”  March 11, 2012. Andrea Warnick on Family Matters Radio (scroll down linked page and click on “Listen to Podcast” link).

Video Interviews 

“Can AI ‘Bring Back’ the Dead? Debating the Use of Tech in the Grieving Process” April 2023. Andrea Warnick on CTV News

“Is There Relief From Grief” May 2021. Lisa Robinson on TVO’s The Agenda with Steve Paikin

“Handling Grief and Loss During the Pandemic” April 2021. Kahla Evans with Andrea Warnick on Global News Morning

“Supporting Our Grieving Children” April 2021. Live Q&A with Andrea Warnick and Chantal Genova & Kathryn Connors from Adopt4Life

“Real Life Talks with Yvonne Heath: Death, Dying and Grief” December 2020. Andrea Warnick on You Tube

“How to Grieve During a Pandemic”  April 2020. Steve Paikin with Andrea Warnick on The Agenda

Radio Interviews

“Grieving During a Pandemic: A Holiday Season Like No Other” January 2021. Matt Gurney with Andrea Warnick on Canada Talks SiriusXM 167

“Don’t Put COVID-19 Grief on the Back Burner” November 2020. Radio Interview on The Current with Matt Galloway and Andrea Warnick

“National Grief Strategy Needed for Canadians” November 2020. Carole MacNeil with Andrea Warnick on the CBC

“Kid’s Mental Health as they Return to the Classroom Amid the COVID-19 Pandemic September 2020. Live Q&A with Lisa Robinson on CBC Metro Morning

“Addressing grief through picture books: A Last Goodbye”  January 2020. Andrea Warnick and author, Elin Kesley, in Owlkids 

“Kids Grieve Too” March 2018.  An interview on The Drew Marshall Radio Show.

“Explaining Death to Children” March 2014,  Radio interview recording with Andrea Warnick on Uma Girish’s radio show The Grammar of Grief.

Print/Web Media 

“Notes from Grief Camp” July/Aug 2023. Mitchell Consky with Andrea Warnick in The Walrus.

“Talking about Death with Kids is Hard” March 2023. Sarah Keast with Andrea Warnick in Today’s Parent.

“Parenting Through Terminal Illness” August 2021. Kelsie Snow with Andrea Warnick in New York Times

“How At-Home Euthanasia Can Provide Comfort to Pets and Owners” May 2021. Kathryn Streeter with Andrea Warnick in The Washington Post

“My Mother Died When I Was 7. I’m Grieving 37yrs Later” February 2021. Nicole Johnson with Andrea Warnick in The New York Times

“When Hugs Can Kill: Mourning Nova Scotia Mass Shooting in a Pandemic”  April 2020. Catherine Porter with Andrea Warnick in The New York Times 

“Books to help children cope with loss and grief”  January 2020. Truc Nguyen with Andrea Warnick in CBC Life

“The Death of My Poh Poh Made Me Wonder: How Do Chinese Families Deal with Grief?”  July 2019. Madelyn Chung with Andrea Warnick in Flare

“Helping Students Learn through Grief” September 2018. Meagan Gillmore with Colleen Mousseau in Teach Magazine

“Honesty, plain language are key to explaining death and grief to kids” April 2018. Brandie Weikle with Andrea Warnick in The Star

“What is the Best Way to Explain Death to a Child”  March 2018. David McGinn with Andrea Warnick in The Globe and Mail.

“The Grieving Child”  February 2018. Helen Lammers- Helps with Andrea Warnick in Country Guide.

“How to Tell your Kids a Loved One has Cancer” February 2018. Raina Delisle with Andrea Warnick in Today’s Parent. 

“We are Hungry for Neat Tidy Stories: Grief is More Messy” January 2018. Louise Kinross with Andrea Warnick in Bloom.

“How to Explain Death to a Child” December 2017. Kathryn Hayward with Andrea Warnick in Today’s Parent.

“How to Comfort Your Grieving Coworker” December 2017. Alice Murray with Andrea Warnick in Jobbio.

“How to Talk to Kids about Violence in the News” October 2017. Dave McGinn with Colleen Mousseau in The Globe and Mail.

“Using Writing Interventions to Support Bereaved Students” May 2017. Andrea Warnick and Lysa Toye in Supporting Bereaved Students in School (Oxford University Press).

“Preparing Children for Funerals and Memorials” March 2017. Andrea Warnick and funeral director Michelle Methven.

“Commemorative Tattoos as Connection” January 2017. Co-authored by Andrea Warnick and Lysa Toye in The Tattoo Project: Commemorative Tattoos, Visual Culture, and the Digital Archive.

“New Technology is Forcing us to Confront the Ethics of Bringing People Back from the Dead” January 2017. Adrienne Matei with Andrea Warnick in Quartz.

“Dealing With Death: How to Help Kids Deal with Death and Funerals” August 2016.  Jackie Gillard in the Huffington Post.

“The Unvoiced Questions of Children Experiencing an Illness, Dying, or Death in their Family” April 2015. Andrea Warnick in UBC Faculty of Medicine’s This Changed my Practice.

“Supporting Youth Grieving the Dying or Death of a Sibling or Parent: Considerations for Parents, Professionals, and Communities”  Andrea Warnick in Current Opinion in Supportive and Palliative Care, March 2015 – Volume 9 – Issue 1 – p 58–63.

“When to Tell the Children: Preparing Children for the Death of Someone Close to Them” November 2014. Andrea Warnick in Canadian Virtual Hospice.


“Children at the Bedside of a Dying Family Member or Friend” January 2014. Andrea Warnick in Canadian Virtual Hospice.

“Don’t Use the ‘D’ Word: Exploring Myths about Children and Death” December 2013. Andrea Warnick in Canadian Virtual Hospice.

“Stella Joy: Every Moment Precious” December 2012. Catherine Porter in The Toronto Star. “Stella’s parents no longer see their daughter as a dying 2-year-old, but as a child who is navigating death. They are following her lead.”

“Unicorn Gala Aids Grieving Children” November 19, 2012. Susan Minuk in The Canadian Jewish News.

“Unique Grief Program Helps Kids Deal With Death” August, 2012. Kim Hughes  in Samaritanmag.

“Special Bereavement Camp Will Welcome Children this September” September 2010. Mount Sinai Hospital website.

“The Heart Does Break: Canadian Writers on Grief and Mourning” February 2010. Book review by Andrea Warnick in Doorway to Room 217.

“Helping Kids Express Grief” December 2009. Nicloe Baute in The Toronto Star.

“Supporting Children of Parents who are Dying” January 2009. A. Warnick & K. Longfield in Canadian Oncology Nurses Journal.

“When a Parent is Dying: Helping Parents Explain Death to their Children” December 2008.  D. Seccareccia, & A. Warnick in Canadian Family Physician.

“Woman Tends Tsunami Grief” February 2005. Nancy Hernandez in The Frederick News-Post.

“Master Death, Dying in College” December 2005. Sarah Breitenbach in The Frederick News-Post.