Reclaiming Death: An Exploration of Thanatology and Grief Literacy


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Reclaiming Death: An Exploration of Thanatology and Grief Literacy 

Thanatology, the study of dying and death, is an emerging discipline that is quickly gaining momentum and recognition. It is a fascinating time in the field with grassroots movements such as “The Dinner Party”, “The Conversation Project”, as well as a resurgence in home funerals and natural burials, bringing the subjects of dying, death, and grief back into the public discourse. 

The purpose of this day long interactive virtual workshop is to explore these movements alongside other contemporary issues involving grief, dying and death, such as Prolonged Grief Disorder and pandemic related grief. The interdisciplinary nature of thanatology will be explored, as will options for further study and careers in the field. 

This workshop is relevant to those with a general interest and those working or volunteering in a related field such as hospice, social services, education, health care, and funeral services. All in attendance will leave day with an enhanced level of grief and death literacy.  


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